April 25, 2022

Market Update 4/25 – Fed Capitulates on Bonds

The Nasdaq is holding on for dear life. Price continues to trade around the well-defined trendline that crosses highs over the last 8 years (see zoomed out chart below). Bigger picture, one must acknowledge that trend is sideways at best and possibly down with price below the 200 day average and that average shifting from a flat to a negative slope. Near term, today’s reversal sets up for a squeeze higher with resistance in the 14300-14500 range. A relief rally is needed in order to relieve extremely negative sentiment.
April 12, 2022

Market Update 4/12 – DXY 9 Days Up!

DXY has reached the bottom of the zone cited last week for possible resistance. The line off of the November 2021 and March highs is right up here along with the well-defined horizontal that goes back to 2015. Within the sequence from the January low, wave 5 would equal wave 1 slightly higher at 100.59. Also, DXY is now up 9 days in a row (see below). The last time that happened was at the March 2020 high!
April 8, 2022

Market Update 4/7 – Know this Key DXY Level

The ‘final leg higher’ option is unfolding in DXY. A key zone to pay attention to is 100.39/59. This is a well-defined horiztonal and where wave 5 would equal wave 1 within the sequence from the January low. Also, note that EURUSD has yet to trade beneath its March low. It may very well do so but a non-confirmation is in place until that happens.
March 28, 2022

Market Update 3/28 – Crypto Nearing Important Levels

The triangle scenario described last week is no longer valid in BTCUSD. However, note that price has reached the 200 day average and the upper parallel from the median line of the fork that originates at the April 2021 high is slightly higher…near 49500. Pay close attention to that level for resistance if reached because since the January low registered right at the median line.
March 21, 2022

Market Update 3/21 – Stocks into Resistance

The Dow has reached and responded to the noted level for resistance. The rally from 2/24 also channels in a corrective manner (see hourly chart below). I’m ‘thinking’ lower from this level with possible support near the center line of the corrective channel (about 33860).
March 17, 2022

Market Update 3/16 – Key USDSEK Development

USDSEK held up for 2 days before crashing though the median line today. The drop under the median line is a key bearish development for the USD generally. The underside of the line is now resistance…as it was in June, July, August, November, January, and February. That’s currently about 9.56. The next downside test is 9.15/18 (lower parallel and former resistance).
March 15, 2022

Market Update 3/14 – NZDUSD into Support Zone

NZDUSD levels are actually better defined than AUDUSD in my opinion for support. Price has already reached 2 equal legs down at .6746 and the well-defined .6700 is just below. This is defended by the trendline from the lows and 2022 VWAP at .6719. Bottom line, .6700/50 is a big zone and well-defined for support. I’m looking for Kiwi to turn up and begin another leg higher within the bull cycle from the January low.
March 9, 2022

Market Update 3/9 – Nasdaq Holds and Crude Oil Reverses

That was a blowoff top in crude oil. Interestingly, resistance came in at the same parallel that nailed the Gulf War high in 1990. I’m not going to get into detail on the near term charts just yet other than noting 97.60s for support and 115.50 for resistance. Also, USO completed a high volume 2 day reversal. This last happened in September 2019 (see below).
January 31, 2022

Market Update 1/31 – Opposing Monthly and Weekly Reversals

January produced some monthly reversals of note. SPY made a 1 bar monthly volume reversal. Notice that reversals also occurred in June/July 2007 (high) and October 2002 (low). There were failed signals however in 1997. Obviously, monthly signals may not be all that timely. These are ‘big picture’ observations. It’s important to understand in light of weekly bullish reversals in indices last week! These charts are shown below the monthly charts in this post.
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