September 24, 2021
USDJPY Breakout

Market Update 9/23 – USDJPY Breakout

USDJPY has broken out. If the breakout is ‘for real’, then 110.00 should provide support. A measured objective for the triangle is the 161.8% expansion of the widest part of the triangle, which is wave B. That calculation yields 114.21. However, the extreme coil in USDJPY suggests that a more aggressive target is appropriate.
September 17, 2021

Market Update 9/16 – USDCHF Breakout!?

Plain and simple, USDCHF broke out today. Recent resistance is now proposed support at .9242. Near term upside focus is .9367. This is where the rally from the June low would consist of 2 equal legs. Trendline resistance from the April 2019 high and the center line of the channel that originates at the January low intersect near that price.
August 26, 2021

Market Update 8/25 – Fade the USD Drop Soon?

Today’s update is brief as markets await Jackson Hole. The USD drop off of the high (squeeze off of the low in most everything else) is nearing support. I’m looking to buy the USD dip slightly lower. Notably, EURUSD 1.1800 is the 50 day average and 8/13 high. Bears need to step up there in order to keep 1.1600 on track.
July 28, 2021

Market Update 7/27 – European FX Levels Pre-FOMC

Focus remains higher for EURUSD following today’s hold. In fact, price pulled back to noted support and immediately turned higher. FOMC is tomorrow. The only reason I mention that is because of the potential for increased volatility. Even if you told me what Powell would say tomorrow, it wouldn’t matter. Only the reaction matters! Bottom line, price has held support (for now at least) so I’m looking higher towards the well-defined 1.1950/90 zone.
June 17, 2021

Market Update 6/16 – USD Time

Today’s move in USDOLLAR proves us correct in the assertion that action since the beginning of the year is a bullish base. The top side of the median line is now support near 11767. A pullback is possible from the center line of the channel from the yearly low. That line is near 11848. Strategically, either wait for a pullback to 11767 or a break above 11848 (median line) and then look to buy a pullback into 11848 (or so).
May 5, 2021

Market Update 5/4 – NZDUSD Tags Key Level

Kiwi has traded in a textbook fashion over the last week or so. Resistance at the channel high…hard break of the center line…center line acting as resistance…and finally the lower channel line holding.
February 2, 2021

Market Update 2/1 – Bullish USD Head and Shoulders Patterns

DXY is trading right at the neckline from a head and shoulders bottom pattern. The objective from the pattern is 92.80 (magenta line) but the former low at 91.75 is a possible pausing level. Ultimately, I’m looking towards the underside of former channel support. This is near 95 and in line with the March low, former 4th wave high, and 38.2% retrace of the decline from the March high (see weekly chart below).
January 27, 2021

Market Update: January 26

The drop from Friday’s high in EURUSD is a clean 5 waves. The implication is that price declines below 1.2108 while staying below 1.2190. Consider that the noted 5 wave decline occurred after a perfect corrective channel and a turn lower from resistance (see below) and there is good reason to be bearish against 1.2190.
January 14, 2021

Market Update: January 13

AUDUSD resistance registered at the underside of a short term trendline. The breakdown level is .7640. A drop below would open up the 25 line within the Schiff fork off of the March low. A zoomed out chart is below. Notice how the 25 line was support (in November) and the 75 line was just resistance. The concept of symmetry at work!