May 10, 2022

Market Update 5/10 – Tracking EUR / Commodity FX Setups

EURAUD sports a 2 month bottoming pattern (similar to the 2 month topping process in AUDJPY). Price is nearing the 3/15 high at 1.5329 which could produce a reaction lower. ‘Ideal’ support for a long entry is 1.4940s, which includes former resistance and the top side of the line off of the 3/15 and 4/25 highs.
March 11, 2022

Market Update 3/10 – Yen Crosses about to Break Out?

AUDJPY action since last May is an ascending triangle. The pattern portends a bullish outcome. What’s more, the cross is historically a decent barometer of risk appetite. Well, equities have been slammed for months yet AUDJPY is pressing the highs. This alone is reason to suspect an imminent breakout. A breakout occurs above 86 and would target the September 2017 high at 90.30 initially.
January 20, 2022

Market Update 1/19 – Bearish USDCHF Setup

Is USDCHF about to get destroyed? After failing at a 2+ year trendline in late 2021, price has broken a year long trendline and now re-tested the underside of the line the last 2 weeks. This chart is extremely bearish.
December 30, 2021

Market Update 12/29 – USD at Resistance into 2022

This is the last update of 2021. A new calendar year is significant and those details will be addressed next week. The charts in this post highlight why I’m heading into 2022 with a USD bearish mindset. The chart above is a starting point insofar as making a USD bearish argument although the big picture ‘textbook’ trigger doesn’t occur until a break of the channel near 95. Until then, respect potential for strength into the 61.8% retrace of the decline from March 2020 at 97.73.
December 7, 2021

Market Update 12/6 – AUDJPY Bounce Setup

AUDJPY low on Friday was at the top side of former trendline resistance and the September low. This is a good spot for a bounce (this pertains to ‘risk’ in general). 82.00/30 is well-defined for resistance. Watch for support at 79.40/50.
November 30, 2021

Market Update 11/29 – Massive Yen Reversal in Play

USDJPY reversed sharply last week and high was 115.52! Near term downside focus is 112.20s and 114.50s sticks out as possible resistance. This is the 61.8% retrace of the decline from the high along with the 25 line of a short term fork. The 75 line provided support (so far) so resistance at the 25 line would make sense.
November 23, 2021

Market Update 11/22 – The Powell Top?

Is this the ‘Powell top’? XLK (tech ETF) made a daily volume reversal today and Nasdaq futures (see below) topped a few ticks under channel resistance. This channel was resistance for the September top. From a very big picture perspective, I’ll note that the market cap of the 5 largest companies as a percentage of the S&P 500 is extreme (see 2 charts down). The 5 largest companies are all tech companies by the way. In other words, it’s a highly concentrated market. Historically, this is unsustainable.
November 15, 2021

Market Update 11/14 – British Pound VWAP Support Reached

GBPUSD held VWAP from the March 2020 low on Friday. As noted last week, lower parallel support is slightly lower near 1.3320 (see below) though. If the rally from last week’s low extends into a small 5 wave advance then I’ll want to but a small dip.
November 11, 2021

Market Update 11/10 – USD New Highs – What Now?

So much for all of that fancy Elliott mumbo jumbo. Remember the ‘5 waves down at multiple degree…blah blah blah’. USDOLLAR (quarter each of EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD) ripped to its highest level since September 2020 today. Sometimes various methods work and sometimes they don’t. The methods that I employ haven’t worked well for a few months now. This will change. It always does. Anyway, USDOLLAR is still in the vicinity of longer term resistance. The zone extends to 12181, which is the December 2019 low and parallel resistance.
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