January 22, 2021

Market Update: January 21

BTCUSD has turned down sharply following last week’s 2 bar weekly volume reversal. If you want to play in this sandbox, then pay attention to 35000 for resistance and 28000 for the next bounce level. The latter level is a spike low and VWAP from the November low. The former level is defined by VWAP from the high and 2021 VWAP.
October 9, 2020

Market Update: October 8

It’s awfully quiet out there. EURUSD is on pace for its smallest weekly range since 2/21, which of course is right before volatility exploded. Hopefully we get something similar now. My view on EURUSD hasn’t changed. Price continues to churn just under important resistance (neckline and VWAP). I’m presenting a new fork today. Notice how highs and lows since over the last month have been on/near the 25 and 75 lines within this structure. I ‘favor’ EURUSD holding below this resistance.
August 21, 2020

Market Update – August 21

The EURUSD drop from Tuesday’s high is in 5 waves and price has retraced 38.2% of the decline so weakness could resume now. If that fails to materialize, then the 61.8% is proposed resistance at 1.1903.
May 7, 2020

Market Update – May 7

BoE is tomorrow and it looks like the bounce to 1.2484 is the extent of the corrective bounce in wave 2 of C. Proposed resistance is now 1.2405/20, which is a well-defined horizontal level and the neckline of a short term head and shoulders.