Company News

Introducing FXCopy

We’re pleased to introduce FXCopy, Scandinavian Capital Markets’ proprietary forex investment platform. FXCopy hosts a portfolio of trading strategies managed by traders with an excellent track record. Our clients have access to browse the dozens of strategies and allocate funds to begin copying.

Before becoming Sweden’s first STP forex broker, Scandinavian Capital Markets was exclusively a wealth management company. With FXCopy, we’ve merged two of our core competencies, portfolio management and transparent execution practices, to provide a best in class forex copy trading environment.

What is FXCopy?

On the surface, FXCopy looks like many other investment applications, but it’s what goes on under the hood that makes all the difference. The user interface is simple, modern and intuitive, helping you discover strategies, assess suitability, manage allocations and settings and monitor performance. 

Every strategy has professional performance sheets, updated in real-time, showing key performance indicators and detailed metrics to help prospective investors drill down and understand any strategys’ characteristics.

For strategy managers

FXCopy is the latest in a line of solutions we offer to forex asset managers and proprietary traders. If you don’t already know, we provide flexible multi account manager (MAM) solutions, white-label solutions for hedge funds, custom forex liquidity feeds tailored to trading strategies and support for cTrader Copy

If you’re interested in building your investor network, joining the FXCopy community is a great way to access a pool of sophisticated investors.

For investors

FXCopy has been designed with sophisticated investors in mind. If you’re a portfolio manager, hedge fund, family office, or time-strapped private investor, you’ll find unique alternative investment opportunities on the platform. Once you start to copy one or more strategies, you have powerful risk management tools at your disposal to follow your risk tolerance levels. 

We proactively recruit and onboard successful traders to provide strategies on FXCopy to ensure we have a diverse strategy portfolio. The platform features different styles and techniques, such as intraday price action, macro, discretionary and quantitative strategies.

As we build custom liquidity solutions for our clients, you can rest assured that your copied trades are executed on the same tailormade price feed as the strategy manager.

If you’re ready to explore FXCopy with Scandinavian Capital Markets, reach out to one of our relationship managers, or sign up for your trading account today.