Multi Account Manager (MAM)

Secure transaction execution and no conflicts of interest are crucial to offering clients a premium environment. Join us and discover premium client relationship.

MAM solution

Our MAM solution offers greater system compatibility and trading options.

Our custom solution utilises the latest intelligent exchange technologies and provides a full-featured backoffice to manage risk, trade activities, positions, and settlements. With centralised processing, you can ensure no delay between each trade with one-click trade execution. Our MAM technology is also available on MetaTrader4 and Web GUI.

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Easy reporting

Other brokers offering Money Manager MAM solutions usually require the Money Manager to submit their own reporting. As a result, it can take the broker 30+ days to actually do the deduction from investor accounts.

We automatically calculate performance fees at the end of the month based on the previous high-water mark. This automation is a feature that offers a MAJOR advantage over other MAM software. The Money Manager always receives his performance and management fees on time. There is no risk to the money manager not receiving his or her money.

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Globally renowned

Through partnership with well-capitalised liquidity providers paired with internal best practices, we are a global true brokerage with an unrivaled reputation.


We offer pure ECN/STP brokerage services to retail and institutional clients, fund managers, and professional traders around the world.

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Answers to commonly asked questions

To be set up for MAM you need to have at least two funded accounts.
Your client will have to sign up for a live account on our website. Once the application is approved, our compliance team will draft an LPOA (Limited Power of Attorney) for you and your client to sign that will also set out the fees you will be charging.
Performance fees are usually paid out on a monthly basis and are credited to your account on the trading platform.

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