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September – Time for Fresh Starts and Exciting Projects Ahead!

September brings fresh starts – a new season, looking ahead into the future.


Dear Partners and Clients,

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed a summer full of energy and great memories that stirred ideas and innovation. September brings fresh starts – a new season, looking ahead into the future. It’s a chance to try new ideas and breath new life into your ventures.

Scandinavian Capital Markets has been busy launching new products, events, and corporate improvements to kick off the season the right way. First, we are moving from to our new website here at Under the renewed brand Scandinavian Capital Markets, the new site features a Media section with valuable Forex industry news and analysis.

Additionally, we acquired leading market analysts Dan Blystone, founder of and David Floyd, Head of Research/Trading – Aspen Trading Group. This delivers the latest insights and analysis on market fluctuations right to you.

Next, we compiled a series of materials about the London Professional Trading Thought Leadership Conference from May 2019 as well as a series of interviews with the leading Forex experts, who visited us in Stockholm as part of the Valhalla Experience project.

Traders also get some goodies this month. We plan to launch new trading platforms – cTrader, an intuitive and easy-to-use platform.  The platform includes advanced trading capabilities such as fast entry and execution. Additionally, we’ll be introducing Currenex, a high-performance trading technology with deep pools of liquidity for anonymous and disclosed trade execution. 

We also wanted to make it easier for our traders to fund their accounts. We’re excited to offer deposit/withdrawal cards that allow funding in cryptocurrencies.

Our next public event will be held with our valuable partner – Finance Feeds. We will be heading to South Africa to meet the region’s prime IBs and Forex businesses. The conference “Johannesburg’s Premier IB Conference: Adding Scandinavian Value to Your Business!” will take place on November 16, 2019, in Johannesburg.

Finally, in October we will announce the second round of our Valhalla campaign. Our unique approach has been embraced and highly appreciated by the leading Forex industry experts, influencers and educators. The campaign continues to blossom into an active community of like-minded businesses, whose aim is to restore the Forex reputation. We lead the charge in establishing a reputable voice that spreads values of trust, transparency, education, and informed decision-making for Forex traders.
These recent additions to our team, products, and projects enable us to create even better customer experience and strive for even higher results!

We wish you all an exciting autumn and many more victories ahead!
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Michael Buchbinder and Arif Alexander Ahmad