January 26, 2021

Market Update: January 25

daBTCUSD bounced just before 28000 and turned down today at 34888…right at noted VWAP resistance. Resistance registered where it needed to in order to maintain that price has topped and is headed lower. Don’t forget about the 2 bar weekly volume reversal that registered last week.
January 14, 2021

Market Update: January 13

AUDUSD resistance registered at the underside of a short term trendline. The breakdown level is .7640. A drop below would open up the 25 line within the Schiff fork off of the March low. A zoomed out chart is below. Notice how the 25 line was support (in November) and the 75 line was just resistance. The concept of symmetry at work!
October 21, 2020

Market Update: October 21

There is no change to DXY comments/opinion but I wanted to reproduce this chart because the index is nearing critical support at 92.17/30. The level is defined by long term trendline support (see longer term chart below), daily reversal support, and 2 legs down from the 9/25 high. This needs to hold if the range from late July is going to resolve to the upside.
October 19, 2020

Market Update: October 19

AUDUSD is pressing the center line channel center line again. The risk is for accelerated weakness following a break below the center line. Immediate focus would be the mentioned lower parallel near .6900. A break there opens up the channel extension, which intersects the top side of the trendline from the 2018 high near .6600. Resistance should be .7080s now. 10/15 – AUDUSD broke down and stabilized near the center line as suspected. Proposed resistance now is the 25 line, which has been resistance and support over the last few weeks. That is about .7135. Near term bearish focus is the lower parallel (extended off of the 9/25 low) near .6900.
April 29, 2020

Market Update – April 29

To review, USDOLLAR dropped in 5 waves from the March high. The 4/14 low was right on the 61.8% retrace of the rally from the March low. At that point, I was looking for a 3 wave rally back to 12692. Instead, USDOLLAR has traded in a tight range. Price is nearing the 4/14 low. It’s not impossible that the rally into the 4/21 high at 12593 is the entire correction but the correction would be awfully small in both time and price retracement. So, it’s possible that a flat is unfolding. Under this scenario, a C wave rally (probably sharp) will begin from nearby levels (may or may not take out the 4/14 first).
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