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Scandinavian Capital Markets

September – Time for Fresh Starts and Exciting Projects Ahead!

September brings fresh starts – a new season, looking ahead into the future. It’s a chance to try new ideas and breath new life into your ventures.

Scandinavian Capital Markets has been busy launching new products, events, and corporate improvements to kick off the season the right way.

Scandinavian Capital Markets

Swedish Banking: A History and Legacy of Trust and Service

Efficient. Reliable. Safe. These words describe the Swedish banking market, a financial and economic powerhouse that manages to balance honesty with profitability. Swedish banks are known for being trustworthy and steadfast, but how did they garner this reputation? Even more importantly, what does the security and reputability of the Swedish banking system mean for forex […]

Scandinavian Capital Markets

Why We Created the Valhalla for the Forex Community

Prime Minister Winston Churchill famously said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” For many seasoned forex traders, the last few decades have felt like a long, hot, slog through purgatory; burned by untrustworthy brokerages and watching helplessly as profit slips through their fingers. Those who survived are, in many ways, the wounded warriors of […]

Scandinavian Capital Markets

Treating People Right

Let’s talk about what makes a successful forex trader. At Scandinavian Capital Markets, we don’t rest on our laurels or make our clients wade through red tape or leave them at the mercy of complicated explanations about forex trading. Our experienced, nimble team of forex experts can cut through the layers of confusion and deception, […]

Scandinavian Capital Markets

Why Stockholm?

Dear reader, you are about to embark on a journey. It starts with the dark beginnings of the modern forex industry and leads you to a city of light: Stockholm.  You will hear about the questionable practices of the dealing desk brokers. You’ll learn about the Nordic philosophy of fairness and balance. And you’ll start […]

Scandinavian Capital Markets

The People Oriented Forex Group

Let’s talk about the value of focused, personalized customer service. I’m Arif Alexander, Founder and CEO of Scandinavian Capital Markets, and when I look at the current state of the Forex and currency markets, I feel optimistic. That’s because I believe all market climates offer options for growth and success. Even in times of volatility […]