January 6, 2022

Market Update 1/5 – Cypto Breakdown

ETHUSD has broken the line described yesterday (magenta line). This line is resistance if reached near 3640. Price is testing the 200 day average now (not shown) but the more important level is probably VWAP from the May 2021 high at 3050 (see below). Bigger picture, my view is that price drops to 985 or so in a 4th wave.
December 17, 2021

Market Update 12/16 – What’s Up with the Nasdaq?

The equity ‘market’ has felt odd recently. A look beneath the surface confirms this suspicion. The 30 day Nasdaq advance-decline line is plotted below the composite index. The AD line closed at -637 today. The magenta dots indicate readings of -600 or lower. Previous readings this occurred at the Dec 2018 low and for several weeks in March-April 2020 (the first reading was 3/18/20). Prior to the last few years, readings this low occurred in October-November 2008 and during the 2000-2001 decline! Those periods are shown in the charts below. So, the A-D line is ‘oversold’ yet the QQQ closed a bit more than 5% off of the all time high today. All of the prior ‘extreme’ AD readings occurred after for more meaningful declines. The only takeaway I have is that if the index continues to decline but the A-D line improves then look out below because the next low won’t be until the next extreme A-D reading.
May 5, 2020

Market Update – May 5

ES found support today from VWAP off of the Feb high. This level was resistance in March and support in April. I am treating last week’s high as the bearish risk point but given the support hit today a bigger bounce is favored. Resistance should be 2890-2930.
May 1, 2020

Market Update – May 1

ES reversed back below 2939.75 so I’m treating today’s high as a risk point for shorts. Proposed resistance is 2923/32, which were intraday supports on Tuesday. A proposed downside swing target is 2670ish. This is the median line of the bearish fork from the October 2018 high (was support on 3/10 before the 3/12 breakdown). VWAP from the low is currently 2672.50. This figure will rise slightly each day.
April 30, 2020

Bitcoin Lifted by Rising Risk Sentiment

Bitcoin extended its gains in early Thursday trading, reaching almost 9,500 before retracing sharply. The world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has benefited from its appeal as a hedge against inflation amid unprecedented stimulus by central banks.
April 30, 2020

Market Update – April 30

Wow. I did NOT imagine that the S&P would be back at these levels. As I type in after hours trading, ES is taking out the 2/28 close. Volume on 2/28 was the highest since August 2011 (U.S. debt downgrade). High volume days are important because they represent a ‘vested interest’ at that specific area.
April 28, 2020

Market Update – April 28

‘The market’ continues to levitate. Each turn lower from a well-defined level (the most recent turn lower was from where the rally from the March low consisted of 2 equal legs) is met with another leg up. Volume has died, as is tends to do when markets rally. From here, I am paying attention to 2 levels for potential resistance. The first is 2923/35 in ES. This is the 61.8% retrace and 2020 VWAP. In cash (chart is below), the 61.8% retrace is 2935. The 2nd level to note is the 200 day average and July 2019 high on cash, which is 3007/28.
April 21, 2020

Market Update – April 21

Remember the 4 hour volume reversal on 4/9? ES failed to follow through on that reversal but price is back to that level. 2923/48 wasn’t reached but the rally from the March low consist of 2 equal waves…exactly. So, there is reason to ‘think’ that a countertrend rally is complete. Pay attention to 2770, which is the trendline from the low and VWAP from the February high. A break below there would also leave the rally from March as a bearish wedge, which would suggest an eventual re-test of the low. The next immediate spot to watch then would be 2600/30 (VWAP from the low and recent resistance and support).
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