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cTrader White Label from Scandinavian Capital Markets

If you haven’t already heard, cTrader is a Forex and CFD trading platform that is challenging MetaTrader 4’s market dominance. There is no denying that MT4 is effortlessly retaining its influence in the FX trading industry. However, as time goes by, more traders and brokers are starting to awaken to the possibilities of something a touch fresher than a decades-old platform. 

While many brokers cling on to the past, almost one year ago, we proudly launched the cTrader platform alongside the Scandinavian Capital Markets MetaTrader 4 and Currenex platforms. Our cTrader offering is available to retail clients, professional traders, institutional money managers and also as a white label for brokers and asset managers with more demanding reporting and back-office capabilities. 

Who is a cTrader White Label for?

Typically, white label forex solutions are marketed to aspiring and young retail FX brokers or Introducing Brokers who are looking to provide services under their own brand. However, we have made a strong case that the institutional, asset management and proprietary trading niches stand to gain a lot from retail-focused platforms.

If you’re managing multiple clients accounts, access to just a trading terminal or Multi Account Manager may not be sufficient. With a white label trading platform like cTrader, you have access to the platform admin application. With admin access, you have a birds-eye view of all the accounts under your management. The admin is suitable for generating reports, exporting information, changing settings, troubleshooting client queries are not just efficient, but painless.

Generally speaking, the efficiencies mentioned above are not exclusive to cTrader in particular. Any white label trading platform deals with a broker will give you an additional level of access into the platform administration and trading operations. Therefore, let’s focus on the advantages of having a cTrader White Label from Scandinavian Capital Markets.

cTrader White Label key features


The key feature of any white label forex solution is to minimise the cost and complexity associated with launching and running trading infrastructure. If you decide you need a standalone trading platform set up, you’ll realise that it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to set up, then several thousand or more each month to maintain the infrastructure. 

The cost of maintaining a platform goes further than software licenses. You need to think about hosting in premium colocation centres, connecting to price feeds, paying system and network administrators whenever a connection fails, or you want to change price feed configuration.

When you cooperate with Scandinavian Capital Markets, we can build custom price feeds tailored to your needs and adjust them over time without you feeling boxed in by price barriers. 

Additional functionality

With your own white label trading platform, the most noteworthy feature is being able to apply your brand to the applications. The apps you choose to offer your clients will be renamed and rebranded accordingly. 

Besides the vanity features of a cTrader White Label, there are many more practical features, such as;

  • cTrader Copy is a powerful and practical copy trading service designed exclusively for cTrader. cTrader Copy provides money managers with a number of distinct advantages over traditional PAMM and MAM solutions.
  • Trade and monitor accounts from feature-rich trading interfaces via a channel of your choice; web, desktop or mobile device.
  • Give your clients access to trade themselves or log in to view-only accounts for viewing real-time performance.
  • Delegate all back-office responsibilities to a professional financial services firm that is authorised and registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority 

Supported by exceptional people

When you get a cTrader White Label from Scandinavian Capital Markets, you’ll be cooperating with two exceptional companies. cTrader was a pioneer in transparent ECN and STP execution models in the retail space. Scandinavian Capital Markets was established initially as a Wealth Management Company in 2011; in 2017, we transitioned into a professional FX solutions provider. Our experience gives us a unique ability to service 

institutional traders, introducing brokers, money managers and professional traders. 

We operate with a client-centric approach. We know everyone says that; how about you learn more about us, reach out and be the judge.

Learn more about cTrader White Labels

Does a cTrader White Label sound interesting to you? Talk to one of our relationship managers and get a helpful consultation. Our approach isn’t to convince you to buy but to help you evaluate if this solution is right for you.