Month: May 2019

Scandinavian Capital Markets

Swedish Banking: A History and Legacy of Trust and Service

Efficient. Reliable. Safe. These words describe the Swedish banking market, a financial and economic powerhouse that manages to balance honesty with profitability. Swedish banks are known for being trustworthy and steadfast, but how did they garner this reputation? Even more importantly, what does the security and reputability of the Swedish banking system mean for forex […]

Scandinavian Capital Markets

Why We Created the Valhalla for the Forex Community

Prime Minister Winston Churchill famously said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” For many seasoned forex traders, the last few decades have felt like a long, hot, slog through purgatory; burned by untrustworthy brokerages and watching helplessly as profit slips through their fingers. Those who survived are, in many ways, the wounded warriors of […]