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November 9, 2020
What is Fundamental Analysis in Forex

What is Fundamental Analysis in Forex

Many forex traders rely on fundamental analysis to understand which direction the price of a currency pair could move in.
November 9, 2020

Market Update 11/8 – November is for turkey!

DXY continues to trade at/just above a major long term level. Nothing has changed. This is support until broken (daily closing basis at least). The UUP (see below) warns that last week’s drop is a trap. The red bars on the UUP chart show when price closed at a 52 week low with volume at least as high as it was last week (1.8 x the 13 week average). Every instance except one (highlighted in yellow) was a capitulation low. Stay tuned.
November 5, 2020
Grow a Forex Trading Account

Five Tips to Grow a Forex Trading Account

Start your trading journey on the right foot. If you’re after tips on how to grow a forex trading account into a reliable income check this guide.
November 4, 2020

Market Update: November 4

EURUSD traded into resistance as early polls closed, tanked to its lowest since 7/24 and then ended the day unchanged. So 2020. Bottom line, resistance was hit so I favor the short side. Weakness below 1.1700 (most recent high volume level and support in August and October) would warrant taking a shot.
November 4, 2020
Gold Liquidity Feeds

Discover our Custom Gold Liquidity Feeds

Our ability to provide custom gold liquidity feeds with click sizes of 100 oz or 1,000 oz is essential for high volume traders.
November 3, 2020

Market Update 11/3 – All About the USD!

We got the bounce as suspected and Nasdaq futures are approaching proposed resistance near 11415. I’m on alert for a turn lower from that level.
November 2, 2020

Market Update: November 2

USDOLLAR traded into the center line of the channel from the September low today and immediately pulled back. Proposed support is 12050 or so. The top of the channel intersects where the rally would consist of 2 equal legs at 12268 on 11/18. The 38.2% retrace of the decline from the March high is just above there at 12283 and the 200 day average is currently 12284 (see below). So, a slight pullback and then higher? It certainly ‘fits’ with general seasonality and election seasonality.
November 2, 2020

The Key to Making Money in Your Forex Managed Account

Investment funds and high net worth individuals put a lot of trust in traders managing their Forex accounts. So, what’s the secret to a winning formula?
November 2, 2020
No-Deal Brexit Economy

A No-Deal Brexit Economy – How Brexit Could Devastate The UK

Back in 2016, Brexit was seen by many as a bold and daring move. Today, the majority of Brits are anxious about a no-deal Brexit economy.
November 1, 2020

Scandex Technical Weekly: 11/1/2020

Another month is in the books and SPX continues to trade ‘heavily’ under the its ‘meridian line’. An inside month formed in October. Recall that September was an outside bearish month (see the close up view below). Of note is XHB (homebuilders), which made a monthly volume reversal in October (see below). Is this one of the last segments of the market to put in a top?
October 29, 2020

Market Update: October 29

The USDCNH, DXY non-confirmation nailed the turn again. Upside is favored for the USD over the next few weeks but there are reasons to suspect that the USD pulls back slightly (so maybe a bounce in equities too). USDCNH pattern is one of those reasons. The rally from the low is in 5 waves so expectations are for a 3 wave pullback. That pullback is underway. The proposed support zone is 6.6690-6.6880.
October 29, 2020
ASIC Leverage

A Guide to New Leverage Restrictions in Australia

An announcement from the Australian Securities and Investment Commissions (ASIC) has confirmed new ASIC leverage restrictions in australia.