Andrew Saks McLeod

Country:  UK 

Company, title:, CEO and Co-Founder

Expertise: media, marketing, communications, thought leadership 

Year joined Forex Valhalla: 2019   


About the Valhalla experience

Scandinavian Capital Markets’ “Valhalla” program remains unique in facilitating the ability to meet and spend time with a smaller number of clients and providing personal service is preferable to casting the net wide via lead marketing.

The company’s senior executives invite customers and partners to Stockholm and utilize the excellent cultural aspects such a spa, good restaurants and engaging with the good clients that want service and quality for sustainable business. This way, a perfect environment for clients and brokerage executives to spend time in relaxed, considered discussions allows both parties to understand how to work together on a long term basis, rather than against each other which is often the case in high-stress, pressurized telephone and lead based client relations.

The Scandinavian Capital Markets Valhalla program is specifically designed to, as its name suggests, heal the damage caused to retail traders and partners by certain areas of the wider retail FX market and bring them back into the fold, but with a high touch, high quality backing. It makes perfect sense that if a brokerage invests in its clients and gets to know them in neutral surroundings, proper relationships follow and sustainability is the end result.


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