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Join Sweden’s only STP forex broker and trade the currency markets on the world’s best trading platforms connected to dozens of liquidity providers.

Speculate or hedge exposure with a forex trading account from Scandinavian Markets. We offer tight spreads all day long on major and Scandinavian currency pairs. Additionally, we offer reliable execution for dozens of exotic currencies.

Why trade with us


We are one of the few remaining STP brokers. We execute all orders with well-capitalised liquidity providers and industry-leading ECNs.

Impeccable reputation

We've been in the market for over a decade and maintain an impeccable reputation with our retail, professional and institutional clients worldwide.


Our commitment to transparent pricing

Raw spreads

Every account we offer incorporates raw spreads and price feeds directly sourced from tier 1 banks.

Real market execution

Trades occur in a genuine market setting, providing traders with a fair and transparent environment.


1Are all my trades STP?
Yes. Scandinavian Capital Markets never takes the other side of your trades. We send 100% of our forex order flow to external counterparties.
2Which currency pairs do you offer?
We offer over 70 currency pairs. Our currency trading offering ranges from major currency pairs, such as EUR/USD and GBP/USD, to exotic pairs, such as USD/KRW and USD/INR.
3Are demo and live spreads the same?
In general, yes. We try to ensure that the trading conditions, such as quotes and swaps, are aligned between demo and live platforms. However, there can be some differences. Please consider that a demo account's main purpose is to test the platform's functionality. We suggest you open a live account to monitor the spreads and check swap rates.

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