October 15, 2020

Stocks as Money – Is a New Standard on the Horizon

Central banks have enabled aggressive stimulus deals. There is a concern about inflation. We explore using stocks as money as a possible solution.
October 12, 2020

Are Stimulus Packages Destabilising The Future?

The ongoing and incredibly politicised COVID-19 saga has thrown monetary policy into the spotlight once again. Are stimulus packages causing inflation?
October 8, 2020

How Donald Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis Affects Market Sentiment

The initial announcement of Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis caused a knee jerk reaction in the stock market. Is there more volatility to come?
October 5, 2020

What is Forex Regulation & What are the Implications for Brokers?

Most brokers emphasise their forex regulation and licenses but don't explain much about what is entailed to become a regulated FX broker.
October 1, 2020

How Will the FX Market React to Returning Coronavirus Lockdowns

The prospect of another wave of Coronavirus lockdowns in most developed economies seems more likely by the day, how can this affect the FX market?
September 28, 2020

Is Gold a Bubble and Will it Burst?

To determine if gold is a bubble, we need to understand the demand for gold, what an asset bubble is and the current renewed interest in gold.
September 2, 2020

The Future of Forex Trading and Video Gaming – When Cables Cross

Gambling is often referred to as gaming since the friendlier name is favoured by the industry to make their business sound more innocent than it is. Online Forex trading and the gambling industry have on many occasions been painted with the same brush, particularly by financial regulators and consumer watchdogs
August 14, 2020

Sterling Lifted By Brexit Deal Hopes, Easing Lockdown Restrictions

The British Pound remained on the front foot in early trading on Friday amid rising optimism over a Brexit deal and easing lockdown rules in the UK. Sterling remains near a 5-month high and is currently holding above the key psychological level of 1.30.
July 27, 2020

An Effective and Simply Day Trading Strategy That I Use

Charlie Burton's presentation from the June 2020 Smart Traders Bootcamp.
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