Forex Education for Pro Traders: How to Trade using Fibonacci

If you missed the webinar from September 2 with our Senior Market Analyst Dan Blystone “How to Trade using Fibonacci” we prepared for you the recording. The next webinar with Dan will be held on September 16. Check our Webinars section for further updates. 

This webinar explores the world of Fibonacci mathematics and how it is used in trading. Topics covered: 

Origins of Fibonacci

Who was Fibonacci the man? Discover how he learned Hindu-Arabic numerical systems in his travels and later published his findings in the Liber Abaci.

Fibonacci Number Sequence

 Uncover the mysterious series of numbers known as “nature’s secret code.”

The Golden Ratio

Dive into the heart of the subject with the number 1.618. The magic number goes by the name Phi or the Golden Ratio. We look at some examples of how this ratio appears in nature, architecture, fine art, biology and even in the financial markets.

Fibonacci Retracement Levels

How do Fibonacci retracement levels work on a price chart? Learn how to leverage the mathematical relationships between numbers in the Fibonacci series of numbers. Find new ways to incorporate the levels into trend trading strategy.

Fibonacci Extensions

Understand Fibonacci extension levels and how to define profit targets within a trend trading strategy.     

Watch the full video of the webinar here: