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Trading In Sweden's Rigid & World-Class Financial Market

When choosing a Forex Broker, of prime importance is the legal/regulatory status of the broker and the governing organization it operates under.

Scandinavian Capital Markets operates from Stockholm, Sweden, and offers clients a safe and secure trading environment within Sweden’s rigid and world-class financial system.

Although the population of Sweden is just under 10 million, Sweden plays a major role in the global Forex market, and the countries currency is heavily traded by daily volume, growing from 1.8% to 2.2% since 2013.

Transaction Transparency

Companies like Scandinavian Capital Markets who are on the Finansianspektionen’s list of registered brokers, promote transaction transparency, no conflict of interest, and are highly trusted worldwide. 

Sweden’s regulatory environment provides unique opportunities for global Forex trading, while at the same time provides a stable and safe financial system. Investors around the world are drawn to the Swedish market and choose Scandinavian Capital Markets because of our reputation as a trusted ECN partner with highly  and competitive account features.

Account Features

Scandinavian Capital Markets provides clients with the ultimate package of prime brokerage account features: competitive spreads, low trading commissions, ultra-low latency access, customizable
world-class deep pool liquidity; all built on transparency and forex trading best practices.
Our partnership with top tier financial institutions allows Scandinavian Capital Markets to customize liquidity solutions for different trading strategies.


Competitive spreads

1:100 Leverage


From 0.0 Pips


World class liquidity

Top Teir 


Bespoke Pools



Pure Agency


Segregated Funds

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