Apple removes MetaTrader from App Store

As traders reviewed their positions before this weekend’s close, they were left in shock by the news of Apple removing all MetaQuotes apps from its store – including the world’s most popular trading platform: MetaTrader 4 and 5.

It’s no secret that every year mobile trading gets more market share from desktop, raising questions about whether the future of MetaTrader is doomed if it does not make a return to the App Store.

Sure, desktop users are unaffected by the change but their experience trying to monitor trades on the go is now limited.

Apple’s decision is rumored to be due to the sanctions imposed against Russia, given that MetaTrader’s creator, MetaQuotes, is a Russian-owned entity.

“It will be interesting to see how Google (Android) chooses to cooperate with American and European sanctions. This will have a tremendous impact on the trading community. The sanctions are now impacting hundreds of thousands of traders across the globe.” – said Michael Buchbinder, partner of Scandinavian Capital Markets and host of the Youtube Series “TradingWTF”.

For now, traders are waiting for answers and many are looking for alternative solutions. cTrader is still a great alternative to MetaTrader and offers its application on desktop, web, android, and iOS.

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