Trading WTF with Steve Kulchyk

In this episode of Trading WTF, we talk with Steve Kulchyk, the Head of Corporate Services and Options at Deaglo. We are going to talk about the differences between the corporate and the traditional Forex space. We’ll also discuss risk as the main factor that holds back institutional investors from investing in FX. Steve is going to share his insights and specific tools developed by Deaglo to manage risk in Forex investments.

Steve is responsible for Deaglo’s corporate offering, as well as structuring and positioning option strategies across the company’s entire portfolio of clients. He has been in the foreign exchange industry for nearly a decade, working across 3 different brokerages in various positions including sales, execution, and management. In his most recent role, Steve was the first Canadian employee in what is now a team of over 20 and played an integral role in building the team and infrastructure in the Canadian landscape. Steve prides himself in analyzing his clients’ specific exposures and goals in developing unbiased FX strategies and is known across the industry as an expert in risk management. Steve also sits on the board of directors for Arctic Horizons Inc., a military defense company out of Canada and Norway.

In case you missed it, the recording has been uploaded to YouTube where you can watch any time by following this link.

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