Forex Educators and Websites Each Pro Trader Need to Check

Forex trading is a very broad field. It includes a wide variety of instruments, trading strategies, Forex brokers, and trading platforms. No matter how much experience you or your team have, all Forex traders should constantly be looking to broaden their knowledge.

There are a number of Forex educators and online Forex education websites that make it easier to learn the ins and outs of Forex trading. With these resources, beginner and advanced traders alike can learn new information and improve their skill level.

To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled some of the popular Forex educators and websites available. These options offer the tools and learning materials to help your team become better Forex traders.

Why You Need Educators

Why bother seeking help from a Forex educator?

While your team may be very experienced, they can never stop learning. A Forex educator can help you:

Find the Right Information: With so much information available, it can be difficult to determine what is worth spending time on. There is always a new strategy, broker, or trading platform to learn about. A Forex educator will help you learn the information you need to know to be a skilled Forex trader.

 Learn Effective Strategies: Forex trading often involves losing money as you test different strategies. A qualified educator will help you learn effective, proven trading strategies.

Build a Foundation: Forex educators will provide your team of traders with a solid foundation to build off of.

Learn From Someone With Experience: One of the best ways to learn how to do something is to learn from someone with experience. These Forex educators can teach you the methods that have worked for them and help you avoid some of the mistakes they’ve made throughout their careers.

Ultimately, Forex educators compile the information you need to improve your Forex trading capabilities so that you can spend less time scouring the internet and more time trading.

What to Look For & Avoid

There is no shortage of Forex educators and education sites available online, making it difficult to know which ones are worth your time.

When determining which educator to go with, there are several factors you should consider before making your final decision.


Always read customer reviews before choosing a Forex educator.

Reviews can tell you what you will learn from the educator, whether or not it is worth the time or money, and if the program is a scam or not. Be sure to look for programs with a high number of positive reviews to ensure that the educator is qualified.

Educator Success

Would you take driving lessons from someone without a driver’s license?

Qualified educators should have demonstrable experience and success as Forex traders. Knowing that your educator has had success as a trader will help ensure that the strategies and other information you learn is effective.

Student Success

Student success is just as important as educator success. While many educators have had success themselves, that doesn’t necessarily make them good teachers.

Read testimonials and reviews to ensure that the students of any given educator have had success themselves. This is a good indicator that the educator is not just knowledgeable, but is also an effective teacher.

Certifications & Accreditation

Certifications and accreditation are yet another measure of experience and qualification.

Look for educators that have certifications that back up their experience. This could include Chartered Financial Analysts, Financial Risk Managers, Chartered Market Technicians, and other accreditation.

Professional Website

A professional website is the first sign that an educator is professional and takes their profession seriously.

In this day and age, there is no excuse to have an outdated, unhelpful website. Any educator worth your time will have made the effort to create a modern and informational web page.

Lawsuits & Scams

Be sure to do thorough research on any educator to ensure they haven’t been the subject of any lawsuits.

Also, carefully read reviews to see if any of them indicate that the educator or website has scammed any customers or participated in any other fraudulent behavior.

Popular Educators

To help you find the right educator for your team, we’ve compiled a list of a few of the popular Forex educators available.

These educators are experienced, reliable, qualified, and have exceptional customer satisfaction.

Rayner Teo

TradingwithRayner, by Rayner Teo, is one of the best and most popular Forex trading education programs available.

Rayner Teo will teach you everything you need to know, from trading strategies and risk management to technical indicators and more. He’ll also recommend other reliable resources, like books, group coaching sessions, and other trading tools.

One of the biggest downsides, however, is that Rayner hasn’t proven his success as a trader. While many of his students testify to the quality of his program, there’s no telling whether or not he has been able to successfully apply his teachings.


  • Free resources
  • Honest about expected results
  • Access to a large community of Forex traders
  • Positive reviews from students
  • Weekly market commentary
  • Live webinars
  • Effective trading strategies.


  • No proven personal success
  • Needs more trading examples
  • Some of the paid material is available for free

Sam Seiden

Sam Seiden is the Chief Trading Strategist and Instructor at Online Trading Academy. He has experience trading Forex, equities, futures, interest rate markets, and more, and has used his experience to teach others how to be successful Forex traders.

Sam is famous for his original supply and demand market timing strategy. One thing that sets Sam apart is that he does live trading to prove the efficacy of his trading strategies.


  • Proven personal success
  • Effective trading strategy
  • Impressive background
  • Positive reviews
  • Free resources


  • Not much variety, focuses on one strategy
  • Difficult strategy
  • No trading community

Navin Prithyani

Navin Prithyani is the founder of Urban Forex — a highly-reputable Forex training program.

Prithyani is a very successful educator who has been awarded by FXStreet and Udemy for his high-quality training webinars and courses. In his years as a Forex trader, Navin has had several different mentors and has compiled what he has learned into digestible training courses.

Urban Forex will teach you the basics of Forex trading, how to trade based on price action, how to perform technical analysis, and much more.


  • Highly-recommended by students
  • Qualified and reputable educator
  • Effective strategies
  • Good for beginners and advanced traders


  • Courses can be expensive
  • Some students reported poor communication
  • No trading community

Francis Hunt

Francis Hunt, founder of The Market Sniper, has over 30 years of experience as a professional trader and is the creator of the Hunt Volatility Funnel trading methodology — a system for determining the next most profitable trade.

Francis created The Market Sniper community to teach traders his HVF trading methodology and to give traders a place to interact with one another and discuss Forex trading strategies.


  • Free introductory materials
  • Free one-on-one consultation
  • Large community of traders
  • Good for beginners
  • Methodology applies to several markets, not just forex


  • Focuses on just one methodology

Dan Blystone

Dan Blystone is a very experienced trader who started his career on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, later going on to trade Bund Futures at Altea Trading.

Over a decade ago, Dan founded, a website where he covers a wide range of topics relating to trading and financial markets. TradersLog is a free resource that offers a wide range of useful information for both novice and advanced traders.


  • Free
  • Wide range of information
  • Qualified educator
  • Free charts


  • No community
  • No courses
  • No live training sessions

Etienne Crete

Etienne Crete (from Montreal, Canada) is a swing trader, founder of Desire to Trade, trading academy. He helps aspiring Forex traders develop a trading method that works for them so they can produce income allowing them to live with more freedom.

Etienne interviews the greatest figures of the trading world and considers it is his mission to help traders implement their advice.


  • Educator talks the reality of trading and does not sell any “get rich in 3 months” scheme
  • Extensive knowledge of trading concepts and strategies
  • Access to professional community of traders


  • Not free
  • Not all courses accessible for all

Education Sites Worth Checking

Elite CurrenSea

Elite CurrenSea provides effective Forex, CFDs & Crypto trading systems traders.

Members get access to price action newsletters, weekly live training sessions, video tutorials, market analysis, free tools and indicators, and more.

There are four different programs to choose from, including a free program for beginners. There are also a number of other free educational resources for anyone to take advantage of.

Elite CurrenSea offers courses taught by Chris Svorcik, creator of the Simple Wave Analysis and Trading (SWAT) method, and Nenad Kerkez, creator of the CAMMACD method.


  • Free trading resources
  • Experienced educators
  • Great customer reviews
  • Live training sessions
  • Great trade analysis


  • Expensive training courses
  • Only two trading strategies


2ndSkiesForex is one of the highest-rated training programs on Forex Peace Army, making it one of the most reputable forex education sites available.

2ndSkiesForex offers a free beginners course along with free educational videos and training sessions.

Once you are comfortable with the basics, you can move onto the paid courses, which include the Advanced Price Action Course, the Advanced Traders Mindset Course, and the Advanced Ichimoku Course.


  • Free beginners course
  • Great reviews
  • Affordable courses
  • Free education materials


  •  Small course selection
  • Advanced Forex traders may not benefit from these courses

Strategic Trading Systems

Strategic Trading Systems offers Forex mentoring programs and forex trading system ebooks to help students develop a strong foundation for Forex trading.

There are four mentoring programs and three systems to choose from — each dedicated to different types of traders. All of the company’s products are under $500, making it one of the cheaper options for traders to choose from.


  • Affordable courses
  • Large number of positive reviews
  • Diverse selection of courses and ebooks


  •  Instructor doesn’t share results
  • No free materials

Forex Mentor Pro

Forex Mentor Pro has long been one of the most reputable Forex trading courses available online.

There are beginner courses as well as more advanced courses which can be accessed with a monthly subscription. Forex Mentor Pro offers three powerful trading systems, great tutorials, daily analysis, and much more.

Forex Mentor Pro is positively-reviewed by customers and is a great resource for novice and advanced traders alike.


  • Great reviews
  • Detailed courses
  • Beginner resources
  • Money-back guarantee


  •  Only available through a subscription
  • Some reviewers reported poor customer service and communication

Trading Heroes

Trading Heroes was started by Hugh Kimura, who wanted to document his trading journey. It is more of a blog rather than education platform, that has valuable articles based on the real experience of a trader, who has been in the industry for many years.

“I don’t pretend to know all the answers, but I whatever I blog about here comes from real-life experiences, conversations with professional Forex traders and my own experiments in trading, both good and bad”, says the author.


  • Based on real experience
  • Great articles, especially book reviews for traders
  • Beginner resources


  • No courses

Free Forex Education: Babypips

Babypips is known in the Forex trading community as one of the best free educational resources for beginner traders. The website makes no assumptions on your trading abilities and explains concepts in a very easy-to-understand manner.

Site members can access trading systems, trade ideas, analysis, quizzes, courses, and more tools. Babypips also has a very large and active community which members can interact with to develop strategies and get feedback.

Babypips is a fantastic resource for any trader looking to expand their knowledge without paying for expensive online courses.

Final Thoughts

Forex trading can be very complex. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the information related to Forex trading available online.

However, as a trader, it’s important to constantly broaden your knowledge in order to keep up with the market and your fellow traders.

The educators and websites listed above are great resources to help you and your team learn new strategies and improve your Forex trading capabilities.

Understanding Swaps In Forex Trading

Here’s a question: What is a forex swap? If you are like many forex traders just starting out – or even if you have many years under your belt but very little time to accumulate a lot of knowledge about the forex industry – this might be a tougher question than it appears. 

Don’t worry. We’re here to help!

 At Scandinavian Capital Markets, we are committed to building powerful relationships with our clients. We see ourselves as partners in our customer’s success. That means we value transparency and education. We want our clients to understand the market, have a basic understanding of how interest, earnings, and fees are calculated, and why things happen the way they do. As we travel down the road to success together, we will continue to provide insight and help our clients become forex experts.

 Get to Know Your Swap

 So what is a swap and what do you need to know about them? In general terms, a forex swap is an overnight (or rollover) interest earned or paid when a trader holds positions overnight. Most of the time, a trader is required to take delivery of currency purchased within two days of the transaction date. However, if the trader chooses to roll over that position, they can extend that settlement period by one day. The rollover usually includes simultaneously closing the trader’s existing position at the close rate for that day and the re-entering the new opening rate for the next trading day.

 Why Do Swaps Matter?

 Forex traders are interested in making money on changes in exchange rates. That means currency purchases aren’t literal – the trader wants to play the margins to make a profit when that currency’s value alters. Every forex transaction involves borrowing. A trader borrows currency from one country to buy the currency of another country. This borrowing generates interest, either owed or paid.

 Swaps matter because earning or owning currency becomes a strategic decision. To earn interest, a trader may take a long position in a high-yielding currency compared to the currency they used to make the purchase. In the event the borrowed currency outperforms the purchased currency, the trader will owe interest. To avoid paying interest, it might make sense to close at the end of the business day (5pm Eastern Standard). On the other hand, if a currency is performing well – and the trader anticipates that performance will continue – a swap may be the best way to prolong the trade and increase the profit.

 This piece will also contain the history related to swaps, how did swaps come to be (Central Banks history leading up to swaps being within the forex world).

 How Are Swaps Calculated

 Swap fees are incurred when a position is kept open overnight. The forex swap fee is determined by calculating the difference between the two currencies being traded according to whether the trader’s position is long or short. The interest rates between the two currencies in the swap can be negative or positive depending on if the trader is borrowing or lending.

 Generally speaking, rollover rates are calculated by subtracting the quote currency interest rate from the base currency interest rate and dividing that sum by the amount calculated when multiplying the base.

A rollover rate can also be called a swap fee; The swap rate, on the other hand, the rate at interest at which one currency is exchanged for another. In other words, a swap rate is the difference between a traded currency pair. interest in another currency – that is, a swap rate is the interest rate differential between the currency pair traded. The rollover rate can also be known as the swap fee.

 A way to see how swap rates and rollover rates work in forex, imagine trading between AUD and JPY currencies, and the JPY carries an annualized lending rate of .25% while the AUD borrowing rate is 1.64%, then you would gain 1.39% per year by holding AUD/JPY in a long position. Holding short, on the other hand, would change the lending/borrowing rates, increasing AUD to 2.74% for example, while decreasing JPY to -.15%, resulting in a decrease of annual swap charges by 2.89%

 It’s true that the swap calculation equation can be complicated. Thankfully, there are many online swap calculators that can help you determine what you might owe in fees. Keep in mind that the interest you gain or pay changes across brokers and is heavily influenced by the timing of your trades. That’s why it’s important to work with a brokerage that provides clear information up front. Check with your broker (or any broker you are considering) and look at their swap rates table. In addition, if you are using the MT4 platform, you can right click on the “Market Watch” section and select “Symbols” to see your broker’s swap rates.

 Finally, it’s important to remember that a trade position held open overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, will be charged triple storage because the swap involves pushing back the value date on the underlying futures contract. In other words, when a position is opened on Wednesday, Friday becomes the effective value date. If a position is kept open overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, then the value date is moved forward three days, skipping the weekend and making Monday the effective value date – so the charge is triple to reflect holding for three days rather than one. Storage is tripled because you are being paid or charged interest for three days instead of just one.

 Scandinavian Capital Markets and Swap Trades

 Scandinavian Capital Markets swap rates are calculated each day at 5 pm Eastern Standard Time / 12 pm MT4 platform time (GMT+2). Any trade that has been opened before 5pm and held open past this time will be subject to swap rates. Swap rates are tripled on Wednesday at 4.59 pm to account for weekends. Please note that swap rates vary by pair and are updated frequently as market movement causes swaps to adjust. It is important for traders to familiarize themselves with where to locate the current swap charges for the particular pairs they are trading.