Top Upcoming Trading and Investing Conferences

These range from events geared towards retail traders to those focused exclusively on trading industry professionals. Many conferences center around the leading financial hubs of London, New York and Dubai and the agendas increasingly reflect the move towards artificial intelligence, quantitative trading, digital assets and blockchain.


MoneyShow was founded in 1981 and has since grown to be a giant among financial conferences in North America. MoneyShow events focus on long-term investment topics while their TradersEXPO events are concentrated on active trading. The company has multiple physical conferences in cities across the US and Canada as well as a range of cruises catering to investors. 

Upcoming Events: TradersExpo Las Vegas (November 2019), The MoneyShow Orlando (February 2020), TradersEXPO New York (March 2020). 

Who: Individual traders, investors and financial advisors. 

Areas of focus: Trading strategies, stocks, options, Forex, futures, commodities and cryptocurrencies. 


The Trading Show (Terrapinn)

The Trading Show brings together quants, traders and technologists from leading funds, investment banks and trading firms. The events feature exhibits showcasing the latest in trading technology as well as keynotes, seminars and interactive discussions. 

Upcoming Events: Trading Show Europe (October 2019), The Trading Show Chicago (May 2020). 

Who: Traders, quant investors, asset managers and technology providers. 

Areas of Focus: Technology, automated trading, quantitative trading, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and exchange technology. 


Middle East Investment Summit (Terrapinn)

The Middle East Investment Summit brings together global sovereign wealth funds, family offices, private and institutional investors and fund managers. The event serves as a platform for investment professionals to network and learn from prominent industry leaders. 

Upcoming Events: April 2020, Dubai. 

Who: Family offices, private and institutional investors, high-level fund managers, economists. 

Areas of Focus: Hedge funds, private equity, fintech, real estate, Forex, ETF’s, commodities and infrastructure. 


TradeTech FX (Worldwide Business Research)

A leading buy-side driven Forex conference, geared towards helping attendees address trading and portfolio management challenges and opportunities. Participants also include sell-side professionals and technology providers. 

Upcoming Events: TradeTech FX USA 2020 (Miami, February 2020), TradeTech Europe 2020 (Paris, April 2020), TradeTech FX 2020 (Amsterdam, September 2020)

Who: Heads of Forex from Europe’s largest buy-side firms.

Areas of Focus: Buy-side, sell-side, technology, regulation.


Wealth Arabia Summit

The Wealth Arabia Summit is focused on providing actionable trading advice and bringing together high net-worth individuals and wealth management professionals.

Upcoming Events: November 2019, Dubai.

Who: High net-worth investors, asset managers.

Areas of Focus: Alternative investments, disruptive technology, real estate, startups.


Value Investor Conference

This conference hosts a wide variety of investors interested in value investing and the methods of Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. Participants learn about the process used by successful value investors and network with like-minded individuals from all over the world.

Upcoming Events: April 2020, Omaha, Nebraska.

Who: Money managers, investment professionals, private investors, financial analysts and journalists.

Areas of Focus: Cyclical investing, Warren Buffett’s methods, emerging markets. 


Finance Magnates

The Finance Magnates’ London Summit is a leading event for forex and finance industry professionals. Since being established in 2012, the event has provided an important forum for networking and education. 

Upcoming Events: November 2019, London. 

Who: Banks, brokers, liquidity providers and marketing specialists. 

Areas of Focus: Forex, cryptocurrency, cloud services, artificial intelligence, fintech. 



This leading B2B financial expo holds major events in Limassol and Hong Kong. The event is focused on the retail Fintech industry and connects top technology, blockchain and liquidity providers with Forex, banks, affiliates, introducing brokers and white label partners. 

Upcoming Events: February 2020 (Hong Kong). 

Who: Brokers, banks, technology providers. 

Areas of Focus: Forex, binary options, fintech.


The London Trader Show

The London Trader Show is an educational event that features workshops and seminars covering trading strategies from a range of industry experts. 

Upcoming Events: February 2020, London.

Who: Active individual traders. 

Areas of Focus: Forex, trading strategies, technical analysis, trading psychology, live trading.


FX Week Europe 

This event by news provider FX Week was created for the European buy-side and sell-side community and features presentations by expert speakers.and thought-leaders within the forex industry. 

Upcoming Events:  November 2019, London 

Who: European FX buy side and sell side professionals. 

Areas of Focus: Global macro strategy, FX market structure, algorithmic trading and artificial intelligence. 


FIX Trading Community

The Singapore FIX Multi-Asset Trading Conference covers multiple markets including equities, Forex and fixed income. The event features presentations by trading industry thought leaders on key issues facing the institutional trading community. 

Upcoming Events: Singapore FIX Conference, November 2019. 

Who: Institutional traders, buy-side firms. 

Areas of Focus: AI and workflow automation, new trends in trading technology, algorithmic trading. 


Photo:  © Sasinparaksa

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