Q&A time with High Kimura, Founder of Trading Heroes

Founder of Trading Heroes Hugh Kimura dishes on everything from his start in trading to his outlook on the markets.

A self-educated trader, Hugh actually graduated with a biology degree…that he never used. He first worked at banks and hedge funds before finally moving into Forex by answering an ad in the paper. This was back when you approached a trading window to have someone call in the orders! Like most of us, he sees the problem with Forex brokers that work for themselves instead of traders…severely damaging trust. That doesn’t dissuade him from a positive outlook on the industry.

Technology has improved the experience for independent traders, providing them with more tools and insights. Not to be left out, Hugh has effectively work these into his trend and countertrend strategy. Coding makes up a big part of today’s trading. However, Hugh recommends learning trading the old fashioned way before working towards automation or alerts.

So if you’re just starting out, Hugh recommends understanding your trading style before finding a coach. Spend time talking to the industry and you’ll be able to discover yourself along the way. He also talks about the trading life, being able to integrate it with his lifestyle. Not only is Hugh a prolific trader, but he manages several other small businesses. Discipline is paramount to balance all the competing interests.

Check out the video for even more details from a true self-made Forex Industry Professional.

Hugh Kimura, Founder of Trading Heroes

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