The Future of Forex Through the Prism of the Premier IBs Conference in South Africa

Scandinavian Capital Markets recently held its Premier IBs Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, which turned out to be a huge success. The central theme was the evolution of the Forex landscape and what the future of Forex holds for everyone from a broker and trader point of view. The focus was on adding value and how Scandinavian Capital Markets play a role in improving the trader experience.

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How Far Can Algorithms Take Forex Traders?

We must recalibrate our expectations, our understanding of algorithms, where we came from, our current state, and our true potential. Only then will we unlock the true potential technology offers, writes author of this compelling article – Jordan Schneir. Complicated matters explained in simple words. Must read for traders of modern era.

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Photo Gallery: Premier IBs and Traders Conference in South Africa

Scandinavian Capital Markets had a successful conference for premier IBs and Forex traders in South Africa, Johannesburg. The event featured organizers and guests speakers such as Michael Buchbinder (Scandinavian Capital Markets), Nick Sproule (Blackstone Futures), Francis Hunt (the Trading Sniper), Stephen Nefdt (Forex Wealth), Richard Goers (ML^ Predictive Analytics Trading), Robert Lotter (SetBot) and others.

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