HFT Forex Trading Solutions

Work with an STP forex broker equipped to handle the most demanding high-frequency trading systems.

At Scandinavian Markets, we have the infrastructure and liquidity to support your high-frequency trading needs. Unlike most brokers, we’re not afraid of aggressive trading systems. Instead, we design and tune an environment for any trading system.

  • Unlimited concurrent orders and positions
  • No minimum distance on pending orders
  • Completely anonymous execution
  • <10ms order processing time

Everything you need for high-frequency forex trading

Fast data feeds

We offer unthrottled multi-level market data aggregated from many sources to ensure you have access to the fastest and most accurate quotes.

Fast execution

We source all our liquidity from co-located and often cross-connected London-based makers to ensure minimal price latency and slippage.

Raw spreads

All quotes streamed via our HFT feeds are raw, ensuring you trade on the lowest bid and highest offer quotes possible.

Low commissions

Our HFT accounts enjoy institutional-level commissions. Run your HFT and pay just $4 per lot, translating to approximately $20 per million.

Diverse liquidity

We source liquidity from over 30 providers. We connect to prime brokers, ECNs and market makers to offer various execution venues.

Low latency

Experience peak performance with our servers, meticulously maintained to ensure minimal internal latency and unparalleled precision.


1Can I test your HFT solutions with a demo account?
Yes. However, you should consider that demo accounts cannot reliably test execution as orders from demo accounts are not sent to external counterparties for execution.
2Is there a minimum deposit required?
No minimum deposit is required to open an account with Scandinavian Capital Markets, but you must trade at least 50 lots per calendar month to receive HFT discount pricing.
3Do you allow automated trading?
Yes. We allow our clients to trade however they wish and support any trading strategy, whether an EA, cTrader Bot or a black box trading via FIX API.
1How fast do you execute orders?
We aim to process orders within 10ms. Over 95% of orders are executed in under 20ms.
2Can I have more than one account?
Yes. You can have as many trading accounts as required by your HFT strategy.
3Does HFT work with indices?
In our experience, HFT does not work with indices because these products are created by market makers quoting both sides. HFT works best with products like forex and metals.

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