Profit Target:

USD 110,000
My Goals
Profit Target10%
Max Drawdown5%
Daily Stop Loss4%
Top Instruments

$1,755 Profit


$1,052 Profit

One-Step Assessment

No monthly fees or time constraints. Reach the profit target while respecting the rules and you get funded. That simple.

1. Sign up

Purchase an assessment account. The assessment tier will determine how much funds you will have.

2. Trade

Reach a 10% profit target while respecting a maximum 5% trailing drawdown and 4% daily loss.

3. Get Funded

Succeed and get funded with a live account to trade. You will earn 75% of every profit you make here.


10% Profit Target

75/25 Profit Split

Hard Breach Rules

5% Maximum Trailing Drawdown

4% Maximum Daily Loss

Soft Breach Rules

Stop Loss Mandatory

Must be Flat at 4PM EST on Fridays

Cannot Exceed Max Lot Size with Risk

Trading Conditions

Trade FX, Indices, Crypto and Metals

Up to 10:1 Leverage

Available in MetaTrader4

EAs Allowed

Hedging Allowed

Zero Time Constraints

Crypto and Bank Wire Payouts

Intro - 25k

$25,000 Starting Balance


One-time fee

Base - 50k

$50,000 Starting Balance


One-time fee

Popular - 100k

$100,000 Starting Balance


One-time fee

Pro - 250k

$250,000 Starting Balance


One-time fee

Expert - 500k

$500,000 Starting Balance


One-time fee

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Video Q&A


What is the funded trader program? Check out our team overview.

What are the rules?

10% Profit Target. 5% Max Trailing Drawdown. 4% Max Daily Loss.

What if I fail?

Failure is part of trading. Learn how to bounce back and try the program again.

Mindset & Psychology

Jamie Saettele shares some insights on how to cope with pressure and failure.

Technical Analysis

What is the right balance between technical analysis and your situation?

Sentiment Analysis

Jamie wrote the book on sentiment analysis. Learn how to use it to your advantage.


Our risk management technology is currently integrated with the MT4 platform, so trading should take place on MT4.

No, the assessment and funded trading must take place with the same broker.

No, not even if you live in the United States. Hedging is allowed in the account.

No, none at all.

Once your payment has been processed the account will automatically be created. If you paid by credit card, this process typically takes 5-10 minutes. If you paid in cryptocurrency, the payment needs to be processed manually and it might take 24 hours at maximum to create your account. However normally this time is much shorter.

Once you have passed your assessment and have supplied your KYC documents, the account will be issued within 24-48 business hours.

You can withdraw your profits at any time. You can elect to withdraw them on day 1 of your live account, or leave them in your account to grow. Should you request a withdrawal we will withdraw 100% of your request and send you 75% (your profit share).
Important Note: Once you achieve a 5% profit in the live account, the Maximum Trailing Drawdown is locked in at the amount of your starting balance. This effectively means that any full withdrawal results breaching the Maximum Drawdown rule and closing the account.
You can always withdraw all your profits (75% of profit made in the account). Only bear in mind that in case of a full withdrawal your account gets closed.

Sadly, no. We are a closed prop trading firm and we don’t accept investors.

All countries excluding OFAC listed countries can take part in our program. So, even though the brokerage firm may not be able to take you directly, when you pass and are trading the prop firm's capital you are a trader for them. You are not opening an account directly with the brokerage firm.

A high-water mark is a common approach to the calculation of performance fees. It means that performance fees are only paid on any new profits made in the account. Thus creating an aligned interest enviroment between us. The equity at the time of the withdrawal is saved as the next high-water mark.

We have risk management software that is synced with all accounts. This allows us to analyze the accounts in real time for achievements or rule violations. As such, you must use an account that we provide to you.

You can trade any products offered at the broker. This includes Forex, Indices, Metals, and Cryptocurrencies.

In line with sound risk management practices, we allow up to 10:1 maximum leverage for Forex, Indices, and Metals, and 5:1 maximum leverage for Cryptocurrencies.

In practically it's the way we use to execute your orders. An ECN broker charges a commission per lot of trading, instead of artificially inflating the price of the spreads. That is much more desirable for traders given that in the long run, it becomes cheaper and more reliable. Other brokers that don't have the ECN framework, won't charge you commissions but will inflate the price of spreads, making it much more expensive when you are trading higher volumes.

The practical assessment is automatically approved when your equity increases by 10%, meaning that the simulation will end successfully before you have the chance of closing your last winning trades.

Maximum Trailing drawdown is the maximum your account can drawdown before you would hard breach your account. When you open the account, your max trailing drawdown is set at 5% of your starting balance. This 5% trails your closed trading balance until you reach 5% profits in your account. Once you have achieved 5% profit in your live account, the max trailing locks in at your starting balance and no longer trails your account.
Example: If your starting balance is $100,000, you can drawdown to $95,000 before you would violate the Maximum Trailing Drawdown rule. Then for example let's say you take your account to $102,000 in closed balance. This is your new high-water mark, which would mean your new Maximum Trailing Drawdown would be $97,000. Next, let's say you take your account to $105,000 in closed balance, which would be your new high-water mark. At this point your Maximum Trailing Drawdown would be locked in at your starting balance of $100,000. So, regardless of how high your account goes, you would only breach this rule if your account drew back down to $100,000 (note, you can still violate the daily drawdown). For example, if you take your account to $170,000, as long as you do not drawdown more than 4% in any given day, you would only breach if your account equity reaches $100,000.

Daily Loss Limit is calculated based on the previous day’s end-of-day (5pm EST) balance.
Example: If your prior day’s end-of-day balance was $1,000,000 you would breach the daily loss limit of 4% should your equity the next day fall to $960,000.
It’s important to understand that if the account balance changes, the 4% will become a different amount. For example, if you trade up and your prior day’s end-of-day balance is $1,000,500, the daily loss limit becomes $960,480.
Note that the daily loss limit is related to the prior day’s balance, not equity. This means that your prior day’s balance doesn’t change until you close any trades.

No, you won't. Our system monitors accounts and if your position does not have a stop loss we will simply close that trade. You can carry on trading though.

  • 4% daily loss (hard breach)
  • 5% max trailing drawdown (hard breach)
  • Stop-loss required for each trade (soft breach)
  • Flat for the weekend — all positions closed on Friday at 5PM EST (soft breach)
  • Maximum open positions must not exceed 1/10000th the size of the assessment account (soft breach)

Below are the maximum open lots across all pairs that a trader can have at any given time.

  • $25K – 2.5 lots with risk
  • $50K – 5 lots with risk
  • $100K – 10 lots with risk
  • $250K – 25 lots with risk
  • $500K – 50 lots with risk
  • $1 million – 100 lots with risk

For example, if you are in the $100k plan you will have 10 open lots with risk available.

If you buy 5 lots of EURUSD at 1.20 and your stop loss is at 1.18, you would have 5 lots on with risk, so you would have 5 still available. If the EURUSD moves up to 1.25, and you update your stop loss to be at 1.20, which would be your open price, you no longer have risk on that trade. So, you would again have 10 lots available, even though you currently have 5 lots open.

In the event that you put on too many trades with risk, then our system will liquidate all trades that currently have risk.

In line with sound risk management practices, we require a stop loss on every trade. If you fail to place a stop loss, we will close the trade that does not have a stop loss. But this is a soft breach rule, so you can carry on trading in your account.

You will be welcomed into the prop trading firm and be provided a live account to trade at your sole discretion. You will be trading real money, provided by the firm, and earning a high-watermark 75% performance fee on your trading profits.

Performance fees are payable on demand once a month via bank transfer or in cryptocurrency.

We require you to flatten over weekends to avoid unexpected losses on weekly gaps. We understand that forex pairs do not gap very much, but crypto currencies and other not-so-liquid assets can suffer spectacular price changes from Friday to Monday, on top of very big swap costs.

We require all trades to be closed by 4pm EST on Friday. Any trades left open after this time will automatically be closed. Note, this is only a soft breach rule. Meaning, come Sunday night when markets reopen you can continue trading.

Soft breach means that we will close all trades that have violated the rule. However, you can continue trading in your assessment or live account.

Hard breach means that you violated either the daily or max trailing drawdown rule. Violating either of these rules constitutes a hard breach. In the event you violate a hard breach you will fail the assessment or have your live account taken away.

No, if you have a live account and violate a hard breach rule, we will close the account and pay you out your portion of any profits.

For example, if you have a $100,000 account and you grow that account to $110,000. Should you violate a hard breach rule we would close the account. Of the $10,000 in profits, you would be paid your 75% portion ($7,500).

You will trade on raw ECN accounts with up to 10:1 leverage. Commission charges on Forex, Indices, and Metals are $5 per side per standard lot.

For safety reasons, no. However, you have unlimited time to finish the evaluation and the actual leverage on your fee is 1000:1, 100 provided by us and 10 provided by the broker. For instance, with a $250 fee you will be trading a real account of $25,000 with 1:10 leverage, meaning that the total possible market exposure is $250,000, a thousand times your evaluation fee.

Yes. We aren’t bothered so much with things like which strategy you’re using or what individual trading style you have, or how fast it generates profits. The only thing we really care most about is that you are deploying good risk management practices.

Yes, we just don’t provide one.

Yes, trades can be held overnight. However, you must close your trades by 4pm EST on Fridays as we do not permit holding positions over the weekend.

Yes, MetaTrader4 has an app for both the iOS and Android platforms.

Yes, you can trade on the news and keep positions open during major news events. Just don't forget to close all trades by 4pm EST on Friday (see other answers in the FAQ for details).

At any given moment you can hold one demo account of each account size. E.g. you can have a $25k and a $50k, but not two $50k accounts.

Disclaimer: Assessments are purchased through Prop Account, LLC. All technology pertaining to the funded trading program is provided by Prop Account, LLC, with the exception of the trading account, platform liquidity and trading capital which are provided by Scandinavian Capital Markets SCM AB.

Still have questions?

Schedule a call with our team member and learn more about our funded trader program.