About The Forex Valhalla Initiative

The Forex Valhalla Initiative is a business partnership program created by Michael Buchbinder and Arif Alexander Ahmad, managing partners of Scandinavian Capital Markets. 

The Initiative aims to reach out, engage and create an international community of Forex participants. This includes business leaders, educators, influencers, professional traders and fund managers who seek to improve the business ethics and operating principles of the Forex industry. 

As part of The Forex Valhalla Initiative (Forex Valhalla), Scandinavian Capital Markets invites Forex businesses and individuals to Stockholm, the company’s head office in Sweden. It is wholly or partly sponsored two-day business trip that includes meetings with the managing partners, and a cultural program. 

The invitees are encouraged to spend quality time with the Scandinavian team, get to know each other’s business projects, and engage in a valuable “About Forex Without Filters” discussions. Guests are invited to create video jointly, and written content as well as organise post-visit events such as thought leadership conferences in key financial cities of Europe. 

The Initiative aims to bring together like-minded businesses and individuals who are practicing and spreading values of open, transparent and professional Forex business. This focuses on the traders’ needs and well-informed, educated decision making at all levels. 

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