Photo Gallery: Premier IBs and Traders Conference in South Africa

Dear Attendees,

On behalf of everyone at Scandinavian Capital Markets, thank you to all who attended the Johannesburg Conference: “Adding Scandinavian Values to Your Business” on the 16 November 2019 at Bryanston Country Club. We hope attendees learned something new about the complex field of Forex trading, the associated brokers and made some fruitful connections.

The conference was made possible through various companies and individuals. Firstly, we would like to thank:

Nick Sproule of Blackstone Futures for co-sponsoring the event; our guest speakers Francis Hunt, Founder of the Market Sniper and his very insightful presentation on  “A forward look at the Macro FX & Equity Trades of the forthcoming Global Financial Reset of 2020/1”; Richard Goers Founder of ML^ Predictive Analytics Trading platform and his insights into trading tools and the markets in general, and Mark Strong, Head of Alternative Investment Fund Management (AIFM) at Optimum Management Sarl for his presentation on the mechanics of trading a $1.8 Billion Hedge Fund.

Also we thank FinanceFeeds for organizing the event and ensuring that everything ran smoothly.

We would also like to use this opportunity to thank and introduce our dear partner Stephen Nefdt, the founder of Forex Wealth, as our representative in South Africa. 

Stephen has extensive knowledge of the region and the industry and will be the best ambassador of the values that Scandinavian Capital Markets stands for – transparency, good ethics, respect and fair game for all. 

We trust you walked away with a deeper understanding of how the Forex Markets work and are traded. We at Scandinavian Capital Markets are striving to make Forex a more open and transparent industry.

Our motto “Everything we do is for the Trader” is embedded in the company’s culture. We look forward to building long standing relationships with you – the Trader, Introducing Broker, Investor or Asset Manager.

We are at your service. The future of Forex is here!

Yours, Scandinavian Capital Markets

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