Trade crypto

Trade over 20 cryptocurrencies against the US dollar without the burden of managing crypto wallets.

Trade or hedge the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and a dozen more cryptocurrencies with a trading account from Scandinavian Markets. We offer tight spreads and reliable execution 7-days a week.

  • Up to 1:50 leverage
  • Weekend trading enabled
  • No commissions
  • No wallets required
  • Deposit EUR, USD or GBP

Trade crypto securely

Trade cryptocurrencies without the hassle of using crypto wallets to deposit digital assets on an exchange. When you trade cryptocurrencies with Scandinavian Markets, you can deposit and withdraw using secure and regulated payment methods.

Choose your platform

A full-featured trading terminal is a necessity for a successful forex trading experience. Scandinavian Markets traders can enjoy the versatility of world-renowned trading platforms cTrader, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

Increase your exposure with leverage

We provide leveraged trading accounts to increase your exposure to the cryptocurrency market. Margin trading allows you to open long or short positions to speculate on rising and falling prices.

Forex contract specifications

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Why trade with us

12 years in the industry

We've been in the market for over a decade and maintain an impeccable reputation with our retail, professional and institutional clients worldwide.

Access to global markets

We provide access to the best platforms in the industry and a wide range of trading instruments, competitively priced to support your profitability.


1Do you charge commissions for trading cryptocurrencies?
No. We do not charge commissions for trading cryptocurrencies. Unlike forex and other products, the notional value of cryptocurrencies varies wildly. Therefore, we apply a small markup to quoted buy and sell prices.
2Do you charge swaps for holding cryptocurrency positions overnight?
Yes. We charge 0.1% of the value of your position at 22:00 UTC every day, including weekends. We do not charge triple rollover on cryptocurrencies; we charge swaps on weekends.
3Can I have a separate account for trading crypto?
Yes. If you want to keep your crypto trading apart from your other trading activities, you can open multiple trading accounts with Scandinavian Markets.
4Do I need leverage to trade crypto?
You do not necessarily need leverage to crypto, but it’s one of the features that makes trading with a forex broker more appealing. Leverage allows traders to control a large position with a relatively small capital. It amplifies both profits and losses. The maximum leverage offered on cryptocurrency pairs is 1:50.
5Can I trade crypto on weekends?
Yes. However, we only provide weekend crypto currency trading on cTrader.
1Can I lose all my money trading cryptocurrencies?
Yes. Cryptocurrency trading carries significant risks, and losing your invested capital is possible, especially when using leverage. We offer negative balance protection to ensure your losses are capped to the amount of money you deposit into your account.
2Can I deposit using crypto?
Yes. We accept all major deposit methods, including cryptocurrencies. We use Coinbase Commerce to process our crypto deposits and withdrawals.
3Are demo and live spreads the same?
In general, yes. We try to ensure that the trading conditions, such as quotes and swaps, are aligned between demo and live platforms. However, there can be some differences. Please consider that a demo account's main purpose is to test the platform's functionality. We suggest you open a live account to monitor the spreads and check swap rates.
4Can I exchange crypto with you?
No. We do not offer cryptocurrency exchange services. We only provide trading accounts which allow you to open positions. All positions are settled in cash.
5Do you charge swaps on cryptocurrency trades?
Yes. We charge swaps for rolling cryptocurrency positions to the next day. The swap rate is 36.5% per year, or 0.1% daily.

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