The Future of Forex Through the Prism of the Premier IBs Conference in South Africa

Scandinavian Capital Markets recently held its Premier IBs Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, which turned out to be a huge success. The central theme was the evolution of the Forex landscape and what the future of Forex holds for everyone from a broker and trader point of view. The focus was on adding value and how Scandinavian Capital Markets play a role in improving the trader experience.

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Photo Gallery: Premier IBs and Traders Conference in South Africa

Scandinavian Capital Markets had a successful conference for premier IBs and Forex traders in South Africa, Johannesburg. The event featured organizers and guests speakers such as Michael Buchbinder (Scandinavian Capital Markets), Nick Sproule (Blackstone Futures), Francis Hunt (the Trading Sniper), Stephen Nefdt (Forex Wealth), Richard Goers (ML^ Predictive Analytics Trading), Robert Lotter (SetBot) and others.

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Scandinavian Capital Markets Hosts IB Conference in Johannesburg

IB Conference in Johannesburg

With a focus on trust, security, and transparency, Scandinavian Capital Markets brings it’s unique approach to South Africa’s Forex industry.

After a successful summit in London back in May hosted by FinanceFeeds, Scandinavian Capital hopes to continue the trend this November. Attendees were able to take an active part in learning about the changes in the industry.

Takeaways from the London Conference

Participants got to hear a lot about the new waves of technology hitting the markets. Discussions took place on artificial intelligence and quantum computing’s potential impacts on the industry.

Yet, for all the feel-good optimism, there was a noticeable lack of meeting current client needs. Traders continue to pay costly fees for this technology. But, they (and the developers) lack a true understanding of the inner-workings and how to exploit its benefits. Traders and investors debated the question of turning over trading to a machine.

Many understood that while clients enjoy experimenting with the new technologies, they aren’t beholden to broker platforms. Still, many retail traders have yet to improve their potential with technology. This leaves the door open to growing the base through better products and services.

Investors Turn Towards South Africa

Many brokerages hope to replicate the results of Australia in South Africa. The similarities in regulations, along with a mature banking industry make the environment ideal. At the moment, the industry remains dominated by a large IB network. These master IB’s deal with both trading and investment portfolios of large clients as well as smaller towns.

Still, the country faces the same ethics challenges as other countries. They rely extensively on trust between the IBs and the brokers. Any problems with the broker roll up to the IBs. This has led to a few unsavory cases. In one instance a brokerage pushed out IB’s with recurring commissions. They then pilfered the clients, cutting out the IB.

These trust issues make it difficult for the b-book dealing desks. IBs hold little trust as they have little control of their business.

The Johannesburg Conference

Directly addressing these issues, Scandinavian Capital hopes to bring their culture and trust into the market. Their focus on trust is rooted in cultural and personal experiences.

The conference centers on the key themes of:

  • Commissions for IB’s
  • Spread markups
  • Execution quality
  • Availability of all asset classes on an A-book basis
  • How to execute trades fairly
  • Providing clients the right tools via the trading platform
  • Avoiding irresponsible firms in the retail sector

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The schedule for the conference on November 16th is as follows:

10:00 Welcome Coffee Reception

10:30 Opening

Welcome speech and presentation about Scandinavia’s premier Forex brokerage – Scandinavian Capital Markets by Michael Buchbinder, Managing Partner

11:30 Panel Discussion

The panel discussion will feature global leaders from the Forex and multi-asset trading industry across all sectors. Learn the essential perspectives from Forex expert Stephen Nefdt, asset management specialist Nick Sproule and professional trading platform developer Richard Goers about the new direction in the Forex business.

Panelists will discuss how you can modernize and move forward for a profitable and cutting-edge future in electronic trading.

Additionally, these esteemed leaders will debate how to meet the needs of modern IBs, who need a transparent and trustworthy brokerage partner and want to be treated as a strategic partner rather than a source of multiple deposits.

The panelists also will discuss how to structure a top-quality, client-focused multi-asset trading solution for South Africa’s retail client base via important strategic IB’s across the country.

12:30 Lunch and Valhalla Experience Presentation by Francis Hunt

14:00 Networking and Open Microphone

Participants will meet over 50 leaders from across South Africa, who were selected from every sector of Forex business to make meetings relevant and efficient.

15:00 Closing remarks from Andrew Saks -McLeod, founder at Finance Feeds, co-organizer, and moderator

Changing the Course of Forex Industry: Best of the London Thought Leadership Conference

Our mission is to provide the very best possible Forex trading experience to institutional brokers, money managers, and professional traders. For years, avarice and excess dominated the Forex industry. It was a place where the select few controlled – and deceived – the many. Now there is a better way. Self-serving dealers are now a thing of the past. It’s no longer du jour to be a shrewd dealer or crafty brokerage owner. The Forex industry is evolving by bringing together fair players, trustworthy brokers, educated traders, and experienced money managers.

On May 7th, Scandinavian Capital Market, together with Financial Feeds, Fintech, finance, and trading industry news sources, hosted a Professional Trading Thought Leadership Conference in London as part of a crucial step to supporting and triggering a fundamental change to the Forex industry. Conference participants included decision-makers and trading heads from London’s finest, high-net-worth wealth management institutions. Institutional FX firms were also there, as well as portfolio management companies, hedge funds, non-bank market makers, and wealth management companies with long-established client bases. Proprietary trading houses, prime, and similar interested also took part. In a series of videos titled “Changing the Course of Forex Industry,” we will publish short films, interviews, and talks from the London Professional Trading Thought Leadership Conference.

Please Subscribe to our YouTube channel to ensure you get access to all of our latest videos. If you want to join us in making a Forex a better place, please, talk to a relationship manager at: We are open to business proposals from institutional brokers, money managers, and professional traders.